personal essays

How Mercury In Retrograde Saved Me From Spiraling

And as astrology becomes more and more ingrained in pop culture, the infamous “mercury retrograde” has become the face of astrology memes and the center of tweets every time it comes around.

Hi, My Name is Zo and I’m a Love Addict

“What about you? Are you in a relationship?” I stare at the question onscreen, my fingers hovering over the keyboard. I could lie. Or be vague. To the friend that’s posed the…

Why Sandwiches And Situationships Don’t Mix

It’s late February 2020—a pre-COVID-19 world. I was attending a Black tech entrepreneur mixer being held at my office that I didn’t really want to go to, but I decided at the…

Leaving Kenya, Becoming A Ghost

When I moved to America at age six, I became a ghost. Crossing the Atlantic ocean, I left behind family, customs, and traditions. I remember the day exactly, July 11th, 2005. My mother had…

“What’s It Like Being A Hot Girl?”

Then, about two minutes later, another man who saw the “Talk to me!” sign I apparently had taped to my shirt came over.

“Wow, you’re hot,” he said.

How Moving Back Home Taught Me To Be Present In The Moment

There is no feeling that compares to the car ride from Midway Airport to my Bronzeville community. The view of the skyline from I-55 featuring a new skyscraper I can’t quite place,…